STILLBORN Manifesto De Blasfemia CD

Successor of "Satanas el Grande" contains 11 anthems of Death/Black Metal offending all kinds of faith and religion - without mercy and compromises.




Title: Manifesto De Blasfemia

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOONCD051

Format: CD

Style: Death/Black Metal


1. Harbingerof Evil, 2. Infernal Goat Worship, 3. Seeds of Doom, 4. Preliminary Dirge, 5. Nekromassakr: Death's Coronation, 6. Die Fuckers, 7. Angel Ripper, 8. Manifiesto de Blasfemia, 9. Natural Born Destroyers, 10. Pest: Ravager of Humanity, 11. Blood and Conflagration

Additional Information

Artist Stillborn
Style Death Metal
Label Pagan