STILLBORN Los Asesinos Del Sur CD

4th album. 10 tracks of raw and brutal death/black metal.




Title: Los Asesinos Del Sur

Label: Ataman Prod.

Cat. No.: AT0002

Format: CD

Style: Death/Black Metal


1.  Overture .966, 2.  Hymn of Destruction, 3.  Diamonds of the Last Water, 4.  Antonym, 5.  Son of the holy Motherfucker, 6.  Blood and Dust, 7.  Kot Wolanda, 8.  Los Asesinos del Sur, 9.  Stillborn II (Singularities of the Ordinary Vulgar Boor), 10.  Whore of the Whores

Additional Information

Artist Stillborn
Style Death Metal
Label Ataman