SOLFERNUS Neoantichrist CD

New album from Moravian Hellgang Solfernus after twelve years! Ten black metal songs with touches of other metal genres. For fans of Dissection, Bathory, Slayer, Immortal, Moonspell.




Title: Neoantichrist

Label: Murdher Rec.

Cat. No.: MURDHER024

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


1. Ignis ~ Dominion, 2. Glorifired, 3. Mistresserpent, 4. Pray For Chaos! 5. That One Night, 6. Between Two Deaths, 7. Once Upon A Time In The East, 8. My Aurorae, 9. Neoantichrist, 10. Stone In A River

Additional Information

Artist Solfernus
Style Black Metal
Label Murdher