SLAUGHTERDAY Nightmare Vortex CD

Insane cosmic Death Metal somewhere between Autopsy's „Mental Funeral“ and Hypocrisy's „Penetralia“. Stunning guitar melodies, brutal bass lines, hellish vocals and everything destroying drums, sometimes fast and furious, othertime crawling all crushingly. Do not miss this masterpiece of classic Death Metal. Artwork by Mark Cooper.




Title: Nightmare Vortex

Label: FDA Rekotz

Cat. No.: FDA64CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Unearthly Evocation, 2. Nightmare Vortex, 3. Addicted To The Grave, 4. Cosmic Horror, 5. Morbid Shroud Of Sickness, 6. Cult Of The Dreaming Dead, 7. Obsessed With The Undead, 8. Cryptic Desolation

Additional Information

Artist Slaughterday
Style Death Metal
Label FDA