SHODAN Protocol Of Dying CD

The debut SHODAN’s album, titled “Protocol of Dying”. Thick as tar death metal for those, whose hearts beat faster thinking of Gorguts, At The Gates, Decapitated. It’s all graved with Nevermore alike visionary and seasoned with a bit of Emperor. Freshness and precision are the main ingredients of the mixture.

Released in standard jewel case + 12-page booklet + slipcase.




Title: Protocol Of Dying

Label: Deformeathing Prod.

Cat. No.: DP/016CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Shrine, 2. Immaculate Deception, 3. This World Means Nothing, 4. No Dignity, 5. La Raine du Bal, 6. Nails, 7. Beloved Manticore, 8. Protocol of Dying

Additional Information

Artist Shodan
Style Death Metal
Label Deformeathing