SEPTICOPYEMIA Supreme Art Of Genital Carnage CD

Second album.




Title: Supreme Art Of Genital Carnage

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Cat. No.: BLP0112

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore/Death


1. Bukkake Gangbang, 2. Colostomy Bag Breakfast, 3. Fistfuck Carnage, 4. Emetic Sappho-Rough, 5. Cardioslam, 6. Foreskin Is Bigger Than Ever, 7. Exclusive Excrements, 8. Blasting Botulism, 9. Razorcunt, 10. Carnivorous Libido, 11. Shot of Shit, 12. XXL Scrotum, 13. Menstrual Intoxication, 14. Ball-Gagged Crepitation

Additional Information

Artist Septicopyemia
Style Grindcore
Label Bizarre Leprous