SARINVOMIT Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade CD Digipack

Prepare for nuclear annihilation! Prepare for six strikes of hideous Black/Death/Thrash Metal. Blasphemy, Bestiality and Barbarism in his purest form!




Title: Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade

Label: Seven Gates Of Hell

Cat. No.: Seven777048

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Black/Death/Thrash Metal


1. Swallowed By Perdition Holes, 2. Impious Torment By Neurotoxic Injection, 3. Pandemonic Radiation Descends, 4. Spreading VX Gas Over Kaaba, 5. Baphopanzers Of The Demoniacal Brigade, 6. Penetration of Infernal Phosgene

Additional Information

Artist Sarinvomit
Style Black Metal
Label Seven Gates Of Hell