SANATORIUM Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones... 20 Years Later CD

Debut album re-released with bonus tracks (early demos „Subculture and „Autumn Shadows”). Cult stuff!!!




Title: Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones… 20 Years Later

Label: Parat Rec.

Cat. No.: PM79

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


"Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones":

1. Throne Of The Undead, 2. Necrologue Written In Forest, 3. Race Of The Dimension Unknown, 4. Diseased Awareness Of Reality, 5. Cemetary Of Memories, 6. Guardians Of Deceitful Dawn, 7. Evolution Of Decay, 8. Autumn Shadows, 9. Red Moon, 10. Minulosť


11. River Of The Black Sun, 12. Cold Of The Concrete Monstrosity, 13. In My Eyes, 14. Trilogy, 15. Red Moon, 16. LD-50, 17. Always Waiting For Another Day

"Autumn Shadows":

18. Tears, 19. In The Dawn Of Time, 20. Autumn Shadows, 21. Unreal, 22. Strange Primeval Maze Of Souls, 23. Sexual Intercourse Of Demons

Additional Information

Artist Sanatorium
Style Death Metal
Label Parat