Re-release of the seventh album from this cult Colombian act. In "Voices" we'll find an excellent effort of pure doom metal, plenty of strength and melody, sounding mature, personal, and very well played and arranged. For this recording even they used a hall orchestra and the album has been mastered in New York at the Sterling Sound Studio by George Marino (Metallica, Aerosmith, Type O Negative). A conceptual album, with a history of love and war that goes around ten chapters of passion and misery, in short music full of life. Here we have brand new artwork, one live track, one videoclip and two live videos as extras. Among their influences we could name to diverse bands such as Moonspell, Metallica, Paradise Lost, Rammstein, Pink Floid or Black Sabbath. If you are into doom or melodic rock/metal in general don't miss this.

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Title: Voices

Label: Mondongo Canibale Rec.

Cat. No.: MCR–006

Format: CD

Style: Doom Metal


1. Search, 2. Voices, 3. Rites, 4. Traveler, 5. Battle, 6. Sadness, 7. Visions, 8. Tears, 9. Enlightment, 10. End, 11. *, 12. Traveler (Live), 13. Battle (Video), 14. Mar de Zozobra/Godess (Video)

Additional Information

Artist Tenebrarum
Style Doom Metal
Label Mondongo Canibale