SAGRADO Bastardized By The Decrepit Whorebeast CD

Second album. Brutal death metal.




Title: Bastardized By The Decrepit Whorebeast

Label: Pathologically Explicit Rec.

Cat. No.: PER059

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Death Discrepancy, 2. Your Throat Is My Natural Aphrodisiac, 3. Bukkake Onslaught, 4. Ominous Secretion Through Execution, 5. Upon the Bloody Altar of the Bitch Goddess, 6. Necrophiliac Post Traumatic Seizure, 7. Cervix and Pee Hole Soldering, 8. Swallowing Is Her Birth Control

Additional Information

Artist Sagrado
Style Death Metal
Label Pathologically Explicit