ROTTEN Troopers Of Midnight CD

Debut album.




Title: Troopers Of Midnight

Label: Thrashing Madness Prod.

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Intro, 2. Drinking by Lust and Alcohol, 3. Massive Drinking Capacity, 4. I’m So Bored with the Human Race, 5. Monumental Butchery, 6. Burning in the Dark, 7. Mayhemic Thrash n' Roll, 8. Night Stalker (When the Night Comes Down), 9. Metallic Holocaust (Possessed by Distortion), 10. Maniac Metal Megatons, 11. Waste No Words... Fuck Them All, 12. Troopers of Midnight, 13. You Were Born to Feed the Pyre, 14. Bite It Your Scum (GG Allin cover)

Additional Information

Artist Rotten
Style Thrash Metal
Label Thrashing Madness