RONNIE RIPPER'S PRIVATE WAR Socially Challenged CD Digipack

Ronnie Ripper of Gehennah infame is not going anywhere! Socially challenged! Twenty angry rock’n’roll anthems of contempt from the worlds meanst lowlife.




Title: Socially Challenged

Label: Bottom Rec.

Cat. No.: BRCD01

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Thrash Metal/Punk


1. Pound Of Flesh, 2. Hate For Everyone, 3. Beergut Supehunk, 4. Socially Challenged, 5. Mr. Callahan (Told Me So), 6. Me Good, You Crap, 7. Everybody Just Fuck Off, 8. Anger, Contempt And Arrogance, 9. Cornered, 10. Rock'n'Roll Whore, 11. Overactive Brain, 12. Feel Free To Annihilate, 13. Get Paranoid, 14. Thrash Metal, Satanism And Alcohol, 15. Second Class Citizen, 16. Brokeback Cadillac, 17. Coldherated Bitch, 18. Intimidation Blues, 19. One Man, Private War, 20. To Hell With It All

Additional Information

Artist Ronnie Ripper's Private War
Style Thrash Metal
Label Bottom