REGURGITATE Selfdisembowelment CD

Proper CD release of the "Promo CD 1999" previously available only as promo CDr.




Title: Selfdisembowelment

Label: Left Hand Patches

Cat. No.: LHR005

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. The Pulsating Feast, 2. Claw-Hammer Castration, 3. Copious Head Carnage, 4. Carbonized Death, 5. Skull Of Shit And Sludge, 6. Fecal Freak, 7. Dismantle The Afterbirth, 8. Carnivorous Erection, 9. Rancid Head Of Splatter, 10. Breath Like Rotten Meat, 11. Selfdismembowelment, 12. The Combustion And Comsumption Of Pyorrheic Waste

Additional Information

Artist Regurgitate
Style Goregrind
Label Left Hand Patches