PUTRESCENCE Voiding Upon The Pulverized CD

5th full-length album.




Title: Voiding Upon The Pulverized

Label: Eclectic Prod.

Cat. No.: EP048

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore


1. Voiding Upon The Pulzerived, 2. Unrecognizable Me, 3. Air Hissing Out Of Shanked Up Throat, 4. Detrunked Wizard Hacked To Bloody Pieces, Pt. II, 5. I Shit Your Pants, 6. Squeeze And Squint Until Eyes Water, 7. Burnt Off Mucus Membranes, 8. Catastrophic Living, 9. Sad Sacks In Sad Sacks Cannot Relax, 10. Shh'd Before Anal Decapitation, 11. Bathing In Toilet Blood

Additional Information

Artist Putrescence
Style Grindcore
Label Eclectic