PROGERIA BUFFET Anthems For The Easily Offended CD

Debut album.




Title: Anthems For The Easily Offended

Label: Nice To Eat You Rec.

Cat. No.: NTEY058

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat I Don't Care?, 2. Cracked Her Skull With The Toilet Seat, 3. Prussian Blue Lips, 4. Next Miss Progeria Backstage Zickenkrieg, 5. Aurelxwxhxyx, 6. Stabwound Penetration, 7. Axgxdxfuck, 8. Drive-by Defecation, 9. Taenia Saginata Deathburger, 10. Ha-ha Your Fetus Is Pregnant, 11. Your Stupid Cries, 12. Cumshot Caesarean, 13. Diarrhoea Date, 14. My New Girlfriend Is A Roadkill, 15. Alzheimer Warfare, 16. TBC

Additional Information

Artist Progeria Buffet
Style Goregrind
Label Nice To Eat You