POTHEAD Jointification CD

Sick Guttural GoreWeedGrind from Czech Republic. Do you like stuffs like CBT, Ahumado Granujo, Epicardiectomy, Gutalax, Spasm??? That Sickos from Prague will Grind your Mind!!!!!




Title: Jointification

Label: Nice To Eat You Rec.

Cat. No.: NTEY068

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. The Pothead Show Part I. (Intro), 2. Ganjaleptic Cannabisation Of Jointless Weediectomy, 3. Massive Weedcake Regurgitation, 4. Pothead Family, 5. Smokin Break, 6. Suffocated By The Too Huge Bong Hit, 7. Cannabis Caviar, 8. Grinded, Rolled & Smoked Out, 9. I'll Make You High, 10. Died After Smoking 100 Grams Of Weed, 11. Vomiting After Oversmoking, 12. Jointification, 13. Drastical Decomposition Of Last Year Harvest, 14. Afterweed Brain Deformation, 15. Congenital Weedaddiction, 16. Breath Like Rotten Weed, 17. Weedbeat, 18. Joint Against Humanity, 19. Stoned To Death, 20. Intravenous Consumation Of Liquified Ganja, 21. Crackling Sound Of Burning Cannabis During Smoking A Joint, 22. The Pothead Show Part II. (Outro), 23. Weed Bisquit (Eatin')

Additional Information

Artist Pothead
Style Goregrind
Label Nice To Eat You