PLASMA Dreadful Desecration CD

After 9 years of silence Plasma released a new groove grind bomb... 11 Track, 43 minutes of ultra heavy down tuned goregrind from Frankfurt/Germany.




Title: Dreadful Desecration

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Cat. No.: RRR067

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. Reluctant Exhumation, 2. Cadaver Needed, 3. Snack 'em Up, 4. Body Snatched, 5. The Resurrection Men, 6. Burial Burking, 7. Two Guineas And A Crown, 8. Funeral Fraud, 9. Breaking The Mortsafe, 10. Corpse Stealer, And A Special Track For You Sickos Out there: 11. Brothers In Gore

Additional Information

Artist Plasma
Style Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll