PARALYSIS Patrons Of The Dark LP

Cult debut album released for the very first time in vinyl format. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies.




Title: Patrons Of The Dark

Label: Morbid Generation Rec.

Cat. No.: MGR079

Format: LP

Style: Death Metal


A1. The Curse Of Immortality, A2. Torso, A3. Scorched By Demons, A4. Paraplegia, A5. Patrons Of The Dark, A6. Shroud Of Iniquity, B1. Decomposed, B2. Goredawn, B3. Crematorium, B4. Mausoleum, B5. Gates Reflected, B6. The Immortalist, B7. Descent Into The Pale Hour


Additional Information

Artist Paralysis
Style Death Metal
Label Morbid Generation