PANDEMONIUM Devilri - Extended Edition CD

After over than twenty years, we remind dark origins of Polish underground legend – Pandemonium. This time into CD was pressed a brilliant demo “Devilri” in 1992 which spread on tape version near twenty thousand copies according of official data! In addition this re-edition is enrich with rehearsal / promo in 1990. These four songs from rehearsal are the first official material which horde released on cassette. This compact edition is closed by concert from S’Thrash’ydlo festival in 1991 summarizing these far away, primitive, uncompromising times of Polish metal underground. The richly illustrated booklet contains numerous press clippings: interviews, reviews, descriptions, flyers, concerts posters.




Title: Devilri – Extended Edition

Label: Old Temple

Cat. No.: OLD.68.2014

Format: CD

Style: Black/Death Metal



1. Dark Winds, 2. Hagia Sophia, 3. Sunless Domain, 4. Unholy Existence, 5. Devilri, 6. Might Of The Godz, 7. Memories

Reh/Promo 1990:

8. Hagia Sophia, 9. Unholy Existence, 10. Into The Pentagram (Samael Cover), 11. Might Of The Godz

Live From S'thrash'ydlo 1991:

12. Memories, 13. Sunless Domain, 14. Unholy Existence, 15. Into The Pentagram, 16. Hagia Sophia, 17. Might Of The Gods

Additional Information

Artist Pandemonium
Style Black Metal
Label Old Temple