PANDEMONIUM Bones Will Rise From The Ground Live CD

Dark black/death metal from Poland.




Title: Bones Will Rise From The Ground Live

Label: Old Temple

Cat. No.: OLD.78.2015

Format: CD

Style: Black/Death Metal


1. In Lord We Trust, 2. Only the Dead Will See the End of War, 3. Misanthropy, 4. Equimanthorn, 5. Hellspawn, 6. Hagia Sophia-Ningishida (Live), 7. Nar Mattaru (Live), 8. Dingir Xul (Live), 9. Gat Etemmi (Live), 10. Whispered in the Dark (Live), 11. Memories (Live), 12. Ritual Combat (Live), 13. Unholy Existence (Live), 14. The Maze of the Rituals (Live)

Additional Information

Artist Pandemonium
Style Death Metal
Label Old Temple