ORIFICE These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell CD

Third full-length album. Groovy porn-goregrind from Italy.




Title: These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell

Label: Eclectic Prod.

Cat. No.: EP019

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


1. Dick The Dolphin Pornstar, 2. Undead Nudist, 3. Too Big For Condoms, 4. Esotico Ed Osceno, 5. Anal Voodoo, 6. L'Isola Degli Vomini Pesce, 7. Springtime Ejaculation, 8. Ass For Rent, 9. Pop That Cherry, 10. Show Me Your Tits, 11. The Grampa, 12. Shaved Cunts Parade, 13. Fecalfacialanalshiffing, 14. Jodlerporn, 15. Cult Of Blowjob, 16. Wanga, 17. Furry Girl, 18. Zombies, 19. Farmer Kid, 20. Macumba, 21. Nelson De La Rosa, 22. When I Drink I Become Violent, 23. Sperm From Below, 24. Jesus Has A Big Cock But Never Big How Much Mine

Additional Information

Artist Orifice
Style Goregrind
Label Eclectic