NORYLSK Catholic Dictatorship CD

Second album. For fans of (early) Brutal Truth, Dead Infection, Regurgitate or Squash Bowels.




Title: Catholic Dictatorship

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG140

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore


1. F.K.K., 2. Product of Lobotomy, 3. Potential and Flesh, 4. Mental Alienation, 5. Sexual Apartheid, 6. Mental Selection, 7. Children of the Political System, 8. Political Monologue, 9. Opec Paradox, 10. The Run, 11. The Pilgrimage to the Holy Places, 12. The Face of Death, 13. The Whore Across the Ocean, 14. The Creator

Additional Information

Artist Norylsk
Style Grindcore
Label Selfmadegod