NORDAFROST Dominuus Frigoris CD Digipack

First material re-released with bonus tracks. Digipack.




Title: Dominuus Frigoris

Label: Godeater Rec.

Cat. No.: GRC019

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Black Metal


1. Battle of the Winterhordes, 2. Lyn og Torden, 3. Nocturnal Cult, 4. Autumn's Armageddon, 5. Only Shades Remain, 6. The Rising + 7. Assault, 8. Frozen Paths, 9. Leichenduft (Depression cover), 10. The Victorious, 11. Through Depths of Cold, 12. Frozen Paths (1997)

Additional Information

Artist Nordafrost
Style Black Metal
Label Godeater