NON OPUS DEI VI: The Satanachist's Credo CD

Ritualistic Black Metal - whatever it means, that is what "VI: The Satanachist's Credo" contents. Nine diabolic, avangardish, strongly twisted pieces based on a solid black metal foundation. The album, like the previous releases of NON OPUS DEI doesn’t belong to those easy to swallow and understand This is ritualistic and dark misterium full of secret devilish magnetism and magic. NON OPUS DEI breaks a stereotype of typical black metal horde and does it in a big way: there is no other band which would play this way, it is also hard to find any band which would be able to incorporate so much Devil into music. It’s enough to listen to "VI: Satanachist's Credo" and you will know it for sure. CD includes a booklet with 20 pages of amazing artwork, being a good supplement of lyrical and musical message of the album.




Title: VI: The Satanachist’s Credo

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOONCD041

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


1. Sic Damno Me, 2. When All The Motion Has Ceased, 3. Not Art But War, 4. Kriegsgeschrei, 5. The Gammadian Alchemy, 6. Death Before Dishonour, 7. Homo Galactica, 8. The Credo

Additional Information

Artist Non Opus Dei
Style Black Metal
Label Pagan