NON OPUS DEI The Quintessence CD

The next album of one of the most intriguing and original Black Metal bands in Poland. Characteristic points of NON OPUS DEI’s sound are closed in such words as avantgarde, diabolicality, rituality, magic and breaking of stereotypes and boundaries. On “The Quintessence” NON OPUS DEI continues their trip through undiscovered or known to not numerous worlds full of symbols, primal instincts, archetypes and oppositions. Love and hate, creation and destruction, ugliness and beauty, life and death... It’s the fourth time (according to four full-length albums of the band) that NON OPUS DEI proves how creative they are and how far their style is able to progress more and more within Black Metal genre.




Title: The Quintessence

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOONCD045

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


1. 21 XII 2004, 2. Neither By Time Nor Space, 3. Kolejny Obrót Koła, 4. The Wordless Galactic Ceremony, 5. Naga Matryca Życia i Śmierci, 6. Oczy Tej Kobiety, 7. Energion: The Quinessence of The New Spirituality, 8. Gdy Imperium Upada..., 9. Das Ist Krieg, 10. A Beauty Made of Steel, 11. The Eternal Dance, 12. To Stop The Everturning Wheel, 13. Gdy Faun Poszedł Na Wojnę...

Additional Information

Artist Non Opus Dei
Style Black Metal
Label Pagan