NOMAD Transmigration Of Consciousness CD Digipack

5th full-length album released in digipack.




Title: Transmigration Of Consciousness

Label: Witching Hour Prod.

Cat. No.: EVILWH029

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Death/Black Metal


1. Intro Are You Ready.., 2. The Demon's Breath, 3. Intro, 4. Dazzling Black, 5. Intro, 6. Identity With Personification, 7. Intro, 8. Pearl Evil, 9. Intro, 10. Abyss Of Meditation, 11. Intro, 12. Flames Of Tomorrow, 13. Intro, 14. Raised Irony, 15. Intro, 16. Four Percent Of Hate, 17. Outro

Additional Information

Artist Nomad
Style Death Metal
Label Witching Hour