NOMAD The Devilish Whirl / Demonic Verses 2CD Digipack

Second and third full-length album available again as double CD in digipack. All remastered in Hertz Studio, new layout done by Michał “Xaay” Loranc.




Title: The Devilish Whirl/Demonic Verses

Label: Witching Hour Prod.

Cat. No.: EVIL097DCD

Format: 2CD Digipack

Style: Death Metal


CD 1: "The Devilish Whirl":

1. Intro, 2. Confidence, 3. War in the Name of - Impale, 4. Groping the Secret Corpses, 5. The Other Dream (Intro), 6. A Constructive Image, 7. I - an Alchemist of my Analysis, 8. The Pile of Burning Roses, 9. The Black Domination

CD 2: "Demonic Verses":

1. Demonic Verses, 2. The Branch of Cool Progeny, 3. Raging Arsenal of Waves, 4. Blazing Mind, 5. Insurrection, 6. My Key, 7. In the King's Hands, 8. The Symphony of Demonic Sounds, 9. A Time of Sneering (bonus track)

Additional Information

Artist Nomad
Style Death Metal
Label Witching Hour