NIGHTBRINGER Terra Damnata CD Digipack

„Terra Damnata” is a truly explosive take on metal’s most orthodox sub-genre. Violent, breakneck speeds collide with whirling, pitch-black riffs and melodies as NIGHTBRINGER explore the darkest depths of true evil! Recommended if you like: Watain, Emperor, Dark Funeral.




Title: Terra Damnata

Label: Season Of Mist

Cat. No.: SUA076D

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Black Metal


1. As Wolves Amongst Ruins, 2. Misrule, 3. Midnight's Crown, 4. The Key And The Crossed Bones, 5. Let Silence Be His Sacred Name, 6. Inheritor Of A Dying World, 7. The Lamp Of Inverse Light, 8. Serpent Sun

Additional Information

Artist Nightbringer
Style Black Metal
Label Season Of Mist