NEUROPATHIA Satan Owns Your Stereo CD

4th full length album. Grind’n’Roll for fans of Blood Duster, Nasum, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carcass.




Title: Satan Owns Your Stereo

Label: EveryDay Hate

Cat. No.: EDH011

Format: CD

Style: Grind’n’roll


1. Face The Obliteration, 2. Mysterious Man With Two Newspapers, 3. Satan Owns Your Stereo, 4. High On Nicotine, 5. Unpleasant Mournings, 6. On Your Knees, 7. Burn Out, 8. Brain Damage, 9. Voighrt Campf Test, 10. Transsexual Worshipers Of Satan, 11. Iron Midget Buster Of The Elephants, 12. We're Abused Of Her Majesty, 13. Your Last Hope, 14. We're Local, 15. Fuck You Asshole, 16. Worst Band In The World, 17. Skulls For My Bride, 18. Prozac Generation

Additional Information

Artist Neuropathia
Style Grindcore
Label EveryDay Hate