NEUROPATHIA Graveyard Cowboys CD

Debut album. Splatter horror goregrind for fans of Dead Infection, Squash Bowels, Entombed.




Title: Graveyard Cowboys

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG007

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind/Death Metal


1. Gore Addict, 2. Structure of the Undead, 3. At Dawn He Comes, 4. Białystok's Lawnomover Execution, 5. Lumberjack Madness, 6. Permition for Necrofile, 7. Tonight I'm Going to Die, 8. Cemetery Man, 9. Cold Skin, 10. Bloody Christmass, 11. It's a Zombie, 12. Uncle Frank, 13. The Buzz Is Back, 14. Funeral, 15. Debil (Return of Idiot), 16. Bad Taste, 17. Graveyard Cowboys, 18. Scorn of Humanity (Agathocles cover) / Maggots in Your Flesh-After Accident (Dead Infection cover) / Malignant Defecation (Carcass cover) / A Start at Least (Agathocles cover) / Deceiver (Napalm Death)

Additional Information

Artist Neuropathia
Style Grindcore
Label Selfmadegod