NEOLITH Individual Infernal Idimmu CD

Third album. Striking, vivid and sophisticated fusion of death and black metal delivered in a brilliant and modern manner. Guest appearances from Vogg (Decapitated, Vader) and Taff (Rootwater, Black River). Mastered by Janusz Bryt (Behemoth, Vader. Highly recommended!




Title: Individual Infernal Idimmu

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR013CD

Format: CD

Style: Death/Black Metal


1. Thus I Fulfilled His Will, 2. The Dark And Light In One, 3. A Prayer, 4. Fright Emblazoned On Faces, 5. Limes Inferior, 6. That Sorrowful Feast Of The Damned, 7. Asar Un-Nefer, 8. Idimmu Expecting, 9. The Most Excellent Charm Against The Son Of Liar, 10. Hallowed Be The Signs!

Additional Information

Artist Neolith
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho