NECROWRETCH Satanic Slavery CD Digipack

The French putrid death/black metal necromancers strike back with „Satanic Slavery”. Brace for impact!!! Recommended if you like: Dissection, Destroyer 666, Necrophobic.




Title: Satanic Slavery

Label: Season Of Mist

Cat. No.: SUA074D

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Death/Black Metal


1. Sprawl of Sin, 2. Tredeciman Blackfire, 3. Satanic Slavery, 4. Evil Names, 5. Hellspawn Pyre, 6. Bestial Rites, 7. Curse of Blasphemy, 8. Verses from the Depths

Additional Information

Artist Necrowretch
Style Black Metal
Label Season Of Mist