NECROPSY Buried In The Woods CD

2nd album by one of the most veteran finnish Death Metal bands!! A brutal dose of heavy, crushing, catchy and rotting Death Metal that for sure will please every fan of good old finnish Death Metal from early 90's like Funebre, Purtenance, Convulse, Abhorrence, Depravity...




Title: Buried In The Woods

Label: Xtreem Music

Cat. No.: XM186CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Buried in the Woods, 2. Cold Fart Morbidity, 3. Just Sharpen My Knife, 4. Dead Inherit the Land, 5. Full Moon Catlin, 6. Pages of Flesh, 7. Best Day Ever, 8. Father Heresy

Additional Information

Artist Necropsy
Style Death Metal
Label Xtreem Music