MYTERI Myteri CD Digipack

The silence of the masses frightens, apathy has become their escape from this world that you and me helped to create. Full-length debut album of Myteri is aiming to combine the power of scandicrust with the feel of Tragedy and Poison Idea. The result has been desrcibed as crust d-beat with punk approach.




Title: Myteri

Label: EveryDay Hate

Cat. No.: EDH077

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Crust/D-Beat/Punk


1. Intro, 2. Bakom Stängda Dörrar, 3. Act Right Now, 4. Utan Mänskligt Värde, 5. Deforestation, 6. Frän Vaggan Till Graven, 7. Utbränd, 8. Nykter, 9. Girighetens Krig, 10. Outro

Additional Information

Artist Myteri
Style Hardcore/Punk
Label EveryDay Hate