MORDBRAND Hymns Of The Rotten CD

Compilation released by Defense Records. 13 tracks of rare and old stuff available for a first time on CD. God Macabre, Karensdag, The Law members on a board. Death Metal!!!




Title: Hymns Of The Rotten

Label: Defense Rec.

Cat. No.: DEFENSE035

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Order of the Formless, 2. Failure of the Paraclete, 3. Ashen Hollow, 4. Vredesdom, 5. Consume Them, 6. Let Them Slumber, 7. Idol of the Abattoir, 8. The Eternal Feast of Annihilation, 9. With Lidless Eyes, 10. Chinese Graveyard, 11. Nothing Left but Ashes, 12. Lobotomy Gone Wrong, 13. Unholy Ungodly

Additional Information

Artist Mordbrand
Style Death Metal
Label Defense