MENTAL HORROR Blemished Redemption CD

Third full-length album re-released with bonus tracks.




Title: Blemished Redemption

Label: Animate Rec.

Cat. No.: AR020

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Observe The Martyr, 2. Denying The Scars, 3. Haunted, 4. Tears Of God, 5. Sentenced To Believe, 6. God Of The Pest And Flies, 7. Sitra Achra, 8. I Walk For Eternity, 9. Corrupting The Immaculate, 10. Enuma Elish, 11. Outro

Bonus Tracks:

12. Enuma Elish, 13. Sentenced To Believe, 14. Observe The Martyr, 15. Sentenced To Believe

Additional Information

Artist Mental Horror
Style Death Metal
Label Animate