MEAT SHITS Ecstasy Of Death CD

Reissue of an sold-out classic album from 1993. Cult porn-grind, no words needed, just the Meat Shits!




Title: Ecstasy Of Death

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Cat. No.: RRR094

Format: CD

Style: Porn-grind


1. Depravity, 2. There Is No God, 3. Children Of Rape, 4. Menstrual Blood Lust, 5. First Blow Job, 6. Perverted Vengeance, 7. I Shit On Your Grave, 8. The Devil Made Me Do It, 9. Bulimic Excretion, 10. Orgasmic Euphoria, 11. Finger Fuck Surprise, 12. Poor Feminine Hygiene, 13. Bow To The Penis God, 14. Into You... I Cum, 15. Act Of Love, 16. Anal Quickie/Act Of Hate, 17. Cock-Rock Faggots, 18. Septic Jesus, 19. Orgasm Of Cardia Arrest, 20. Bloodbath Cleansing, 21. Forced Into Submission, 22. Meat Rabbit, 23. Revenge On A World Full Of Cunts, 24. Eat My Fuck, 25. Hairless But Hard, 26. Isolated And Gang Raped, 27. Sex-Life (Dub-Mix), 28. Cocaine Cunt Numb, 29. Violent Outburst Of Sodomy, 30. Elvis... Is Still Dead, 31. Manipulation Of Mankind, 32. Fag Killer, 33. Three-Way Fuck, 34. Would You Please Die? 35. Surgically Removed Vagina, 36. Runaway Sex-Slave, 37. Hermaphrodite Horror, 38. Forbidden Fruit, 39. Fornication, 40. Mental Midget, 41. Ignorance... Is Bliss, 42. She Never Says No, 43. Ejaculation Evacuation, 44. Don't Have A Nice Day, 45. Disposal Of Human Garbage, 46. Cum On Your Fucking Face, 47. Excrement Infection Of The Male Urethra, 48. A.C. (Anal Cunt), 49. Intelligence Refused, 50. She Likes It Hard, 51. Strenuous Fuck, 52. F.B.M., 53. Bathe In Holy Excrement, 54. Ecstasy Of Death, 54a. Grotesque Affections, 54b. Molesting The Dead, 54c. Orgasmic Mutilation, 54d. Necrophiliac Secretion, 54e. Re-Animation Through Defecation, 55. The End

Additional Information

Artist Meat Shits
Style Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll