MASS BURIAL Of Carrion And Pestilence CD

Music of MASS BURIAL is dedicated for death metal fans and inspire by ENTOMBED (old), NIHILIST, LIERS IN WAIT, GRAVE, DISMEMBER (old) or GRAVEYARD!!!! In one word we can expect revelation material under sign "pure swedish old school death metal"!!!! Album is name "OF CARRION AND PESTILENCE" and contain 11 bestial, uncompromising tracks. For all graphic design is responsible Mr. Juanjo Castellano, who did a great job!




Title: Of Carrion And Pestilence

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR027CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Of Carrion And Pestilence, 2. Intense Genital Punishment, 3. Tomb Desecrator, 4. Mass Burial, 5. Post War Psychosis, 6. Rotten Rise Again, 7. Deathlike Dream, 8. Virulent Infestation, 9. T.T.T.R., 10. Only One Bullet Left, 11. When Fury Became Blood


Additional Information

Artist Mass Burial
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho