MARUTA Forward Into Regression CD

Second full-length album.




Title: Forward Into Regression

Label: Willowtip Rec.

Cat. No.: WT-88

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death/Grindcore


1. March Forward (Into Regression), 2. Strain, 3. Plague Domain, 4. Stagnation Routine, 5. Devoid of Allegiance, 6. Drown in Black Matter, 7. Body Weapon, 8. Swine Swallower, 9. Conform to Deform, 10. Etched in Granite, 11. Salient, 12. Solace Through Self Annihilation, 13. Hand of the Overseer, 14. Failure King, 15. Gaiares, 16. Blood of the Luddit

Additional Information

Artist Maruta
Style Grindcore
Label Willowtip