MAGGOT SHOES Fear Terrorism CD

15 new, raw and explosive grindcore tunes from the german legend. A harsh, brutal but groovy mix in the vein of bands like AGATHOCLES or NAPALM DEATH.




Title: [f]EAR tERRORism

Label: FDA Rekotz

Cat. No.: FDA11

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore


1. Fear Terrorism, 2. Dirt Style, 3. Cause for Riot, 4. Mr. Brown, 5. Dog Shit Biscuit, 6. Your Li(f)e, 7. Volcano Head, 8. Nosegrind, 9. Privacy Souled Out, 10. Shut Up! 11. Killer², 12. Spencer's Bud, 13. Wanker, 14. Snuff, 15. Grrrnn...!?


Additional Information

Artist Maggot Shoes
Style Grindcore
Label FDA