MACERATION A Serenade Of Agony CD

Debut album re-released with bonus tracks.




Title: A Serenade Of Agony

Label: Punishment 18 Rec.

Cat. No.: P18R078

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


"A Serenade Of Agony":

1. Intro/ Silent Lay The Gentle Lamb, 2. A Serenade Of Agony, 3. Transmogrified, 4. Pain And Pleasure Incarnate, 5. The Watcher, 6. The Mind Rampant, 7. Reincarnation/ Time Flies, 8. The Forgotten


9. Hideous Disfigurements, 10. Godly Beings, 11. Pain And Pleasure Incarnate, 12. Incombustible Remains, 13. Evil Dead, 14. Hideous Disfigurements, 15. Slowly We Rot, 16. Suffocation, 17. Silent Lay The Gentle Lamb, 18. Dawn Of Eternity, 19. Total Obstipation, 20. Hideous Disfigurements

Additional Information

Artist Maceration
Style Death Metal
Label Punishment 18