LIBIDO AIRBAG Testosterone Zone CD

After 9 years of abstinence, the flagship of worldwide cyber-grind, Libido Airbag strikes back with a full load album. 17 gorgeous, danceable tracks of true Techno-Gore. Blasphemous rave rites meets multi shot sperm gurgling gang bang grunts. 37 minutes of pure emotions. Enter the TESTOSTERONE ZONE!!!




Title: Testosterone Zone

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Cat. No.: RRR038

Format: CD

Style: Cyber Goregrind


1. Demonic Twerking (intro), 2. Testosterone Zone, 3. Dildo Throne, 4. Sacrificial Smegma Seance, 5. Frostbitten Gloryhole, 6. Into the Vulva Vortex, 7. Sadomasochistic Gas Mask Goat, 8. Curse of the Vagina Guru, 9. The Asshole Whisperer, 10. Blood Orgy in the Crypt of Transsexual Cheerleaders, 11. Methodist Meth-Merise, 12. Apocalyptic Anus Artillery, 13. Shemale Siege at Sodom, 14. Crusade for the Caviar Cave, 15. Cum Soaked Altar of the Tampon Beast, 16. Blasphemic Threesome at the Tear Gassed Terror Temple, 17. Urinal Usurper

Additional Information

Artist Libido Airbag
Style Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll