KREATOR Renewal CD Digibook

6th full-length album re-released as deluxe digibook incl. bonus tracks, 28-page booklet, liner notes.




Title: Renewal

Label: Noise Rec.

Cat. No.: NOISECD047

Format: CD Digibook

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Winter Martyrium, 2. Renewal, 3. Reflection, 4. Brainseed, 5. Karmic Wheel, 6. Realitätskontrolle, 7. Zero To None, 8. Europe After The Rain, 9. Depression Unrest

Bonus Tracks:

10. Winter Martyrium (Rare Version), 11. Trauma, 12. Europe After The Rain (Remix)

Additional Information

Artist Kreator
Style Thrash Metal
Label Noise