KREATOR Endless Pain CD Digibook

Debut album re-released as deluxe digibook incl. bonus tracks, 28-page booklet, liner notes.




Title: Endless Pain

Label: Noise Rec.

Cat. No.: NOISECD021

Format: CD Digibook

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Endless Pain, 2. Total Death, 3. Storm Of The Beast, 4. Tormentor, 5. Son Of Evil, 6. Flag Of Hate, 7. Cry War, 8. Bonebreaker, 9. Living In Fear, 10. Dying Victims

"Blitzkrieg Demo" bonus tracks:

11. Satans Day, 12. Messenger From Burning Hell

"End Of The World Demo" bonus tracks:

13. Armies Of Hell, 14. Tormentor, 15. Cry War, 16. Bonebreaker

Additional Information

Artist Kreator
Style Thrash Metal
Label Noise