KREATOR Coma Of Souls 2CD Digibook

5th full-length album re-released as deluxe digibook incl. bonus CD („Live at Stadthalle Fürth, Germany”), 28-page booklet, liner notes.




Title: Coma Of Souls

Label: Noise Rec.

Cat. No.: NOISE2CD046

Format: 2CD Digibook

Style: Thrash Metal


CD 1: "Coma Of Souls":

1. When The Sun Burns Red, 2. Coma Of Souls, 3. People Of The Lie, 4. World Beyond, 5. Terror Zone, 6. Agents Of Brutality, 7. Material World Paranoia, 8. Twisted Urges, 9. Hidden Dictator, 10. Mental Slavery

CD 2: "Live at Stadthalle Fürth, Germany":

1. When The Sun Burns Red, 2. Betrayer, 3. Terrible Certainty, 4. Extreme Aggression, 5. Coma Of Souls, 6. People Of The Lie, 7. Choir Of The Damned, 8. The Pestilence, 9. Toxic Trace, 10. Drum Solo, 11. Terror Zone, 12. Pleasure To Kill, 13. Flag Of Hate, 14. Agents Of Brutality, 15. Riot Of Violence, 16. Tormentor

Additional Information

Artist Kreator
Style Thrash Metal
Label Noise