JARUN Sporysz CD Digipack

“Sporysz” is a story about death and madness, humans and nature, and the transformation of seasons. It’s a kaleidoscope of thoughts and words, and memories based on deep and serious life experiences. Musically, it’s a journey from black metal through traditional acoustic sounds, and reaching out to alternative and prog rock. On the one hand the material is experimental and unconventional, while on the other, it is full of melancholy with Jarun’s “folk” atmosphere which they have been creating for the past decade.




Title: Sporysz

Label: Arachnophobia Rec.

Cat. No.: ARA035

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Black Metal/Folk/Rock


1. Sporysz, 2. Powidoki, 3. Jesień Wieczności, 4. Wichry, 5. Sny Jak Ziemia, Sny Jak Rzeka, 6. Malowany ogień

Additional Information

Artist Jarun
Style Black Metal
Label Arachnophobia