INTESTINAL EXTIRPATION Swallowing Humans For A New Amorphous Breed CD

Intestinal Extirpation is representant of slamming brutal death metal from Chile. Their debut album contains 8 pieces of intensive brutal music. For fans of Abominable Putridity, Cerebral Incubation, Digested Flesh or Devourment.




Title: Swallowing Humans For A New Amorphous Breed

Label: Goressimo Rec.

Cat. No.: GMO09

Format: CD

Style: Slamming Death Metal


1. Barbaric Butchery, 2. Broken Bodies Scattered All Over The Ground, 3. Mamacologically Paralyzed, 4. Chunks Of Guts, 5. Intestinal Extirpation, 6. Slow And Grotesquelly, 7. Inhuman Practices, 8. Horrendous Carnage

Additional Information

Artist Intestinal Extirpation
Style Death Metal
Label Goressimo