INSATANITY Divine Decomposition CD

Insatanity debut album re-released with demo '94 as bonus.




Title: Divine Decomposition

Label: Pathologically Explicit Rec.

Cat. No.: PER065

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Begotten, Not Made, 2. Shemhamforash, 3. Diabolical Indignation, 4. Transfiguration, 5. Intro, 6. Divine Decomposition, 7. Under the Baphomet, 8. Rex Judaeorum, 9. Angels of the Apocalypse, 10. The Blood Is the Life + 11. The Black Stone, 12. Descended Lord, 13. Mortification, 14. Trail of Terror

Additional Information

Artist Insatanity
Style Death Metal
Label Pathologically Explicit