INQUESTED The Red Chambers CD

The debut album of the Norwegian outfit Inquested is a truly comeback in time that brings to late eighties and early nineties, when the thrash metal movement was in the top. The band recovers the style's essence, the aggressiveness and melody from bands like Metallica, Forbidden, Megadeth or Exodus, the band don't stops here and along the track's passing new elements are discovered like some death metal influences a la Arch Enemy or Carcass and classic heavy metal feeling. Precise rhythm section, clean vocals and some harsh ones, and an amazing musicianship level.




Title: The Red Chambers

Label: Mondongo Canibale Rec.

Cat. No.: MCR–011

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal


1. Casualty And The Twisted, 2. Eliminate, 3. Hollow Sleeper, 4. Headless, 5. Scarfaced, 6. The Underworld, 7. Human Failure, 8. Renevatio, 9. Ghost Of Existence

Additional Information

Artist Inquested
Style Thrash Metal
Label Mondongo Canibale