INGROWING Heads Or Tails / Aetherpartus CD+CD Digipack

New MCD of Czech grindcore legend. Limited (to 200 copies) edition with „Aetherpartus” in digipack as a bonus. All housed in slipcase.




Title: Heads Or Tails / Aetherpartus

Label: Bizarre Leprous Rec.

Cat. No.: N/A

Format: CD+CD Digipack

Style: Grindcore


"Heads Or Tails":

1. Soul Guide, 2. Heads Or Tails, 3. Blackmail, 4. Beauteria, 5. Ætherequiem, 6. If The Truth Be Known


1. Ante Portas Vitæ, 2. Derelict, 3. Safezone, 4. Nonnative Arousal, 5. Escapology, 6. Ætherpartus, 7. Cut To Fit

Additional Information

Artist Ingrowing
Style Grindcore
Label Bizarre Leprous